WLH Custom Homes believes that your custom home experience is just as important as your completed home. Our priority is to simplify the often-overwhelming process of building a custom home so it is enjoyable and stress-free from start to finish. Designing and building a custom home should be fun and exciting, and we do our part to make sure that’s the case from concept to completion.

The proven WLH Custom Homes experience offers our clients personal and professional service through every stage of the process – from site planning, to custom architectural design and turn-key construction, all the way through interior design and décor.



In the research and planning stage of your custom home, you will have the opportunity to meet with our design/build team to discuss your project visions, needs and cost parameters in detail. We will also gather information about your site and can walk your property together to look for major views and possible setbacks like wetlands or site restrictions. We will consider nearby homes, topography and grade, and determine where the sun sets and rises. Taking all these details into consideration, we will discuss design possibilities that will maximize exposure and aesthetics, and create a home that will blend effortlessly into its surroundings while meeting your family’s needs. It is our priority to make sure you are completely informed and comfortable before making a commitment to move forward.



Before a home becomes reality, it occupies space in your imagination. Our goal is to capture your visions and create a custom floor plan that suits your unique needs, style, property and budget. Our in-house design experts will make themselves familiar with your needs and work with you to create a custom plan that reflects your personal expectations and requirements.

Already working with your own Designer or Architect? WLH Custom Homes has its own in-house design team, but also works with outside Designers/Architects on a regular basis.

If you’re considering a more complex home, our in-house design team also specializes in these types of elite and intricate projects. No matter what design route you prefer to take, our main priority is to be sure your home incorporates the right mix of innovation and functionality.



Having our Designers under the same roof as our Builders makes the design/build process easier, faster, more organized, and the most cost-efficient for our clients. Our in-house design team has created custom floor plans in all sizes, shapes and architectural styles to fit our clients’ unique needs, property, lifestyle and budget. We have existing in-house floor plans that range from 1,500 square feet to well over 15,000 square feet. Each of these designs were created specifically for each individual owner to meet their unique specifications and design requirements.

Please contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your floor plan goals and our design process.




Many clients have a difficult time visualizing what their home will look like during the design process. Our state-of-the-art design technologies provide our clients with the option to take a 360-degree virtual tour of their home by using our 3-D rendering services. You’ll appreciate the time-saving, cost-saving, and confidence-building advantages of the newest 3-D technology.


After your design is set, WLH Custom Homes will provide you with a quote for your home. Our quotes are guaranteed to be an honest and realistic estimate of what your home will cost with the options you want. Before we bid your plans, our experts will take the time to go through the details to determine the level of finishes you want for your home. We don’t believe in presenting a base price only to provide our clients with change orders throughout the construction process. We earned our reputation by keeping our clients safe, informed and being honest and upfront from the start. WLH Custom Homes prides itself in being competitive and transparent with our clients to ensure your project’s success and your trust in us from beginning to end.



Depending on your preference, WLH Custom Homes can either operate on an “open book” basis, showing you invoices and charging “cost plus,” or we can provide you with a guaranteed contract amount. Either way, construction draws will be made only as required.

Once you feel comfortable and confident that WLH Custom Homes is the right choice for you and your project, we will finalize documents and contracts, look at construction schedules, and determine a start date for your home.


Our team will oversee every aspect of your project throughout construction. From this point forward, we will tell you exactly when decisions need to be made (and our in-house Interior Designer will help make them with you!), inform you of progress on a regular basis, and make sure your home is being built with the utmost quality and attention to detail.



Unique to the industry, WLH Custom Homes provides our clients with complimentary Interior Design services with our in-house Interior Designer who is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison in Interior Design and an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, and an active participant in the Wisconsin chapter.

The selections process for a custom home can often be overwhelming, so we – not our clients – invest in this additional service to be sure that the planning, design and construction process goes as smooth and seamless as possible for both our clients and everyone involved in the construction of their home. From start to finish, our Interior Designer “hand holds” our clients through each and every decision that needs to be made and ensures that each selection works well together to create a beautiful and cohesive home. Having our Interior Designer there every step of the way ensures that nothing gets missed, information stays organized, selections stay in allowance/budget, and decisions are made when needed so schedules remain as planned. Our goal is to make the home building journey enjoyable, easy and stress-free so our clients are comfortable and happy every step of the way.

Have your own Interior Designer or prefer to not work with our in-house Interior Designer? We are happy to accommodate your Interior Design needs and provide as much or as little service you desire.




Also unique to the industry, WLH Custom Homes has its own Sawmill and in-house Craftsmen through its parent company, Wisconsin Log Homes. We have the ability to provide all our own wood, beams, shiplap, building materials, stair systems, etc. Many of our clients also take advantage of our talented in-house Craftsmen by having custom, handcrafted furniture made for their home – including dining tables, accent tables, bar tops, bathroom vanity tops, benches, mantels, shelves, decorative accents, and so forth. These unique, artistic pieces add so much character to any space and sometimes have a special story behind them if we are using repurposed wood salvaged from trees that had to be removed or an old demoed home on the property.