We had entertained the idea of building our dream home for years, so when we decided that the time was right, we looked for a builder who had a reputation of building the highest quality homes with the most unique designs. We did not want to have a cookie cutter type of home. We wanted a design that was unlike anything that we had seen before and still incorporated the rustic type of look that we wanted in our new home. After looking at a number of builders, we knew that we found what we were looking for when we saw what WLH Custom Homes had to offer. From the initial meeting with Nate Janczak and his team we felt a great deal of ease that this was a builder who understood what we were looking for. Taking a little from what they offer in their log homes, WLH Custom Homes designed a home that provided us everything that we had envisioned our home was to look like and more. Beginning with the timber beams on the ceilings in our great room and master bedroom to the incredible wood staircase to the beautiful screened in patio that overlooks our wooded lot, our home is indeed our castle. The quality of the work in our home is just outstanding.

We would highly recommend WLH Custom Homes and their team to anyone entertaining building a new home. The people that you work with are the absolute best. In today’s world it is so refreshing to have a business that actually listens to their clients. You get that when you have your home built by the professionals of WLH Custom Homes.

Thank you WLH!

Gerry & Crystal


Thank you to the entire WLH Custom Homes team for exceeding all our expectations for the design/build process and for the beautiful home we now live in.

We have built three homes in our lifetime, so we went into this knowing what to expect for the building process. We knew that there would inherently be stress and worry that comes along with building a new home and we were fully prepared for that this fourth time around. We are so pleased (and surprised) to say that not once throughout the process did we ever have any concerns or feel overwhelmed. This speaks volumes for your team and the people we were surrounded by because you all took such good care of us, and we were able to fully depend on you every step of the way. Never were we sent into a meeting to pick out finishes on our own or left to deal with anything or anyone ourselves; you truly did it all and made it so easy for us.

Nate, it all started with you during the initial bid/contract process. You had every detail and cost accounted for in the contract so we knew exactly what to expect from an investment standpoint. You didn’t “low ball” any numbers to make them look better; you knew what we wanted and you were realistic about what it would cost to get it. The amount of time you must spend putting that initial information together really pays off for your clients and we thank you for that as it shows how much you care. This is the first time that we’ve ever built a home and didn’t have any financial surprises or overages. Each of our allowances were either right on or under what you anticipated. You are an honest, straightforward and thorough company and that was so apparent right from the start. It’s not often you find that, and we want you to know how much it was noted and appreciated throughout our journey.

The house is so much more than we ever expected it would be. Your quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is so obvious and shows in every inch of our home. Our home doesn’t just look good, it was truly built to last.

Companies like yours are hard to come by and we just want you to know how grateful we are for the exceptional experience you provided us with from start to finish. We wish we could have used you for all our homes, but we’re so thankful we found your team to build our “forever home!” What a beautiful place you built for us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

God Bless,
Mary & Mark


The hope of being able to build our dream home became reality with WLH Custom Homes! My husband and I had our home both designed and built by the WLH Custom Homes team and from start to finish it was the BEST EXPERIENCE – from the people to the service to the final build, it was just incredible! We have heard that building a home is stressful, but the team at WLH made it easy and fun every step of the way. We loved the entire process! They were always honest and upfront with us, which we really appreciated since this was our first time building. We highly recommend WLH Custom Homes to anyone looking for a team who is organized, knowledgeable, passionate and full of awesome design ideas. We’ve been living in our home for 6 months now and it’s more than we ever imagined it would be. Thanks again to everyone at WLH for making our dreams come true and for treating us like family along the way!

Sam & Kathy


When we arrive at our Northwoods lake home, there is a pride in ownership that we have never experienced before. The team at WLH made our first ever building experience one that was stress free by offering solid advice and guidance on the key things they knew would matter the most: quality materials and careful construction, a great floor plan and an exterior and interior style to match our personality and goals for our home on the lake. Within a year we went from talking about our dream home to actually living in it, and this included the tear down of an existing structure. The quality of construction, cleanliness of the worksite and the way the project stayed on schedule amazed us….and really amazed our Northwoods neighbors. One of the most meaningful aspects of the project was the way the WLH team offered thoughtful suggestions on features that significantly enhanced the beauty of our home; we trusted their judgement and are so happy we did. We don’t just own a lake home, we own a unique dream home thanks to the professional and personable team at WLH.

Rae & Jean


We first had the pleasure of working with WLH Custom Homes on a re-model of our bathroom and master bedroom and were so impressed with the organization of it that when we decided to build a new home we chose WLH for the project. We had built two prior homes so we were very much aware of the time and effort of such a project and staying on track. We knew what we wanted but needed WLH’s expertise and knowledge to make it a reality.

WLH’s Project Manager and other Team members make the experience run as smoothly as possible, exciting and enjoyable. We stayed on track with few minor changes and we are very impressed with the quality. We loved the fact that their Interior Designer was on hand throughout and available for all decisions to assure this would be our Dream home.

If you’re looking for quality, uniqueness and a great group of people to work with, WLH is the Team orientated builder for you.

Judy & Greg 


If you are thinking about building please do yourself a favor and choose WLH Custom Homes. You will not regret it. There are countless decisions to make while building a home but the most important is finding the right builder. Like many people, this was our first time building so I needed my hand held through every step because it was all so new and unfamiliar. They were patient and extremely thorough. This is our forever home so we wanted to make sure we did it right and they helped guide us through even the tiniest details.

They are a full-service design-build team with an interior designer and they took care of absolutely everything for us. I honestly could not imagine building with anyone else. There are always going to be hiccups along the way but it’s how they are handled that sets WLH Custom Homes apart from everyone else. They listen and then react with the best possible solution. They react quickly and we always felt important.

When we originally chose WLH Custom Homes it was because they are known for their quality of work. We toured so many homes in the Brown County Showcase of Homes where the craftsmanship was mediocre at best. If you have ever been to one of their showcase homes you know that nobody else even compares to the quality, detail and pure excellence that is put into their homes. We soon realized as we started the design process that they are the best for so many more reasons than just the quality of the finished product. They are honest, down to earth people who are going to help you stick to your budget. They are reliable, talented, and their expertise is unmatched not just locally but throughout the state of Wisconsin.

I have been asked by so many people if building was stressful and my answer is it wasn’t because we made the best decision and chose to work with WLH Custom Homes. We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication to helping us build our dream home.

Kristin & Steve


We would like to say “Thank You” for building us the perfect lake house for us in Land O Lakes, WI. From our first meeting at your office in Green Bay we felt comfortable and confident that WLH would do a great job.

Having built several new homes before I was concerned that most of the building and the interior work would be done over the winter while we were over 1800 miles away enjoying the Arizona weather. Any concerns were unfounded. The communication link between WLH and us was amazing. We were always in the loop with the progress of the build and any questions or issues that came up. Of course, seeing the progress with pictures was a bonus.

Every employee that we had contact with was a pleasure to work with. We can’t say enough about Nate & Cassie. They did an amazing job and were wonderful to work with.

A sincere, heartfelt thank you to all at WLH.

Lori & Doug


We were able to build our summer dream home with WLH Custom Homes! Our family cabin, an A-frame purchased by my parents during my childhood, burned down during renovations (with a different company), so I wanted to build a new place that was reminiscent of our old one. That proved to be more difficult than I thought, as no builder could produce this for me (to my satisfaction). Until I found WLH! This team was incredible from start to finish, from the architect to the owner and everyone in between. As if my requests for this project weren’t challenging enough, I live about 2000 miles away from the build site in northern Wisconsin, so I was unable to travel to select items or do walk-throughs until the very end. We did everything through email and telephone and the process was seamless. The WLH team took care of everything for us and we could not be happier with our new home! The quality is superb and it looks so gorgeous! Best of all it gives us the feel of our original family place. Nate even saved and restored our family name plaque for us, and presented it as a surprise. Should you choose this dedicated team of professionals for your project, I’m sure you will also appreciate the thoughtful special touches they provide! I’m so happy we found you, WLH! Thank you!



We came into the home building process without knowing much about the process or costs. WLH from start to finish was very informative and upfront about both. Their entire team helped us along the way and graciously worked with us on changes and tweaks we wanted to include in our home. We had a specific deadline we needed to meet and they kept everything right on track without any sacrifices to integrity. Any questions we had were answered and any time we needed guidance they were there to offer input.

We love waking up in our beautiful home everyday and feel so proud showing it to our friends and family. We get a lot of compliments on the quality and details in our home which we owe to WLH. It has been a dream of ours to be able to build the home our children would grow up in. We feel so lucky to have met everyone at WLH and are so grateful they helped us bring that dream to fruition.

Many thanks!

Jamie & Brian


Dear Families Considering WLH Custom Homes (WLH) to Build Your Dream Home,

After having built four homes with other builders over the past 25 years, we saved our best for last.

As we prepared for retirement, we hired WLH to build a “forever home” on our lake property where we had enjoyed a small two-bedroom cabin for the past 20 years. We were looking for a builder who would create a solid, custom home that we could enjoy as much as our tiny, well-loved cabin.

We found an unforgettable partnership in the team at WLH.

Every member of the WLH team demonstrated their service-orientation by asking us insightful questions, listening to our vision, responding to our questions and quickly following up on concerns.

Our sense that WLH was committed to the highest quality construction was confirmed many times as we watched them hold themselves, their subcontractors and suppliers to high standards. Our building inspector told us “these guys are really good at what they do. You’ve got yourselves a nice house.”

The Janczak family story also resonated with us. The Janczak’s are living the American Dream in that they’ve built a solid business by doing what they love, and, in that process, turned dreams into reality for many families like ours.

I write this note mid-project. Although we won’t move into our new home until our cabin is taken down (in the next month or two after the snow has melted and spring thaw is behind us), I’m confident the final steps in creating our “forever home” will go as smoothly as the planning and construction has.

Whenever I wake up in the middle of the night, I think, plan and decorate our soon-to-live-in home and the comforting thoughts quickly put me back to sleep. I cannot think of a better testimonial than thinking of our WLH project lulls me back to sleep with a sense of joy and comfort.

Best of luck to you in your search for a partner to create your own dream home.

Beth & Pete


Dear Customers of WLH Custom Homes,

Being a lender we often come into the process early on to determine a preapproved amount and then again later on; when the plans, specs, and pricing has been put together. In between our clients work very closely with their builder. During this time I heard regularly of the thought, time, and care that went into every detail of my client’s home when working with WLH and Nate Janczak.

When the plans, specs, bids, and contract was put together I had the opportunity to meet with Nate and explain our approach to the construction process. I explained that we were detail orientated and followed the contract and specs and that any changes would need to be done through the process of a change order and properly accounted for. I also explained that our customers are kept in the loop through the draw process. Nate, without hesitation said “Great, we do the same.”

During our initial meeting Nate took the time to explain the binders he had put together for the project, the detail of each bid included along with any explanations of deviations from the original bid. Nate also had copies of the plans ready to go for our use. Due to the detail provided and the quality of the contract and bid process we were able to obtain an appraisal quickly. In addition, our construction department was able to prepare and act on draw requests when the time came.

The greatest part was hearing through my clients eyes how the process was going and how the team at WLH made their vision a reality not just on paper but on land as well. The home is amazing and the smallest of details were considered. Working with Nate and WLH is nothing short of fantastic, for all involved! I would recommend them to anyone.

Christopher M Boland
Vice President Consumer Lending Manager
North Shore Bank
NMLS: 756835


We have always had the dream to build a lake house and knew that when the time came, we wanted to do it right. After many hours of research, we came across WLH. We couldn’t believe how thorough and well done the website was and therefore decided to contact them.

Jason took our call right away and was very pleasant and so helpful at answering all of our questions. He drove several hours to meet us at the property and discuss possibilities. Jason was so personable, approachable and answered all of our questions without hesitation. We decided to proceed with a meeting in Green Bay with Nate, Cassie and Jason and were treated with the utmost kindness and respect while we discussed contract specifics.

After we signed the contract, the entire WLH staff seemed genuinely excited to proceed with building our dream cabin. They treated us like family throughout the entire process, and took immense pride in their work as if they were going to be living in the home. Jason never seemed frustrated with us during the design process, despite our many changes.

Once Cassie started working with us, we were blown away. Her communication skills surpassed any expectations we ever had. Whenever there was a problem, she took care of it no questions asked. She returned countless emails and phone calls without hesitation and never seemed irritated or frustrated with our many questions throughout the entire process. She worked closely with all of the subcontractors and took care of scheduling everything. She helped us pick out every fixture, color, cabinet, flooring, etc for the entire cabin. Her assistance with building our cabin was priceless and I cannot say enough good things about our experience working so closely with her.

Throughout the entire building process, Nate was always a phone call or an email away and always returned our calls/emails promptly. He answered all of our questions to our utmost satisfaction, and was a pleasure to work with.

We were so pleased with the entire building process with WLH and would given them our highest recommendation. We are so excited to start enjoying the beautiful home that they built, and look forward to many years of making family memories.

Chris & Nancy


When we first thought about writing a letter about our experience with WLH Custom Homes it was daunting, there was so much to say we thought it would be a book.

We can’t really begin to express the emotions we had building this home. Had we not gone to the showcase on a fluke we would’ve never spoken to Nate and never believed a log home builder could build our dream home. We say that because our home is far from that. We had spoken with other builders, but none seemed to be a fit for us. There are a few rustic touches but in the whole scheme of things this home is nothing like a log home, which we thought was the only type WLH built.

We spent years planning this project. We initially had an architect, he heard us but wasn’t listening. When we presented our plans to WLH Custom Homes and told them what we were looking for but couldn’t seem to achieve, they not only gave us everything we desired but also enhanced our ideas.

The comments we get on our home are exactly what we were hoping to achieve: “We have never seen anything so unique,” “Larger yet cozy,” “Comfortable and inviting,” “It’s obvious there was a lot of thought put into this,” “You didn’t miss a thing.” We were trying to achieve an Old-World European charm and it is just that.

We became those clients we didn’t want to be – micromanagers, super picky, etc., but in the end it all payed off. The WLH team was the epitome of patience. And it is obvious their crew (who are the best) loves working for them.

We could go on and on, but simply put, we would not have the home we do if it wasn’t for WLH Custom Homes. Their quality and attention to detail is exceptional, and their willingness/ability to bring our dreams and visions to life was amazing.

Bob & Annette


We absolutely loved our building experience with WLH. Quality and attention to detail is outstanding. Communication throughout the process made sure we knew what to plan for and expect. Key differentiator was Cassie and Steph helping with design…their opinions (when asked) truly made a world of difference in our selections and final outcome. Having a design team with fantastic taste made our decision making process so much easier with an end result that we love. We also loved the monthly accounting process that eliminates any unexpected pricing surprises. WLH exceeded our expectations in every way.

Matt & Colleen


Every incredible project starts with “Good People.” Our experience with WLH Custom Homes was just that… “Good People Who Did It Right.” From dealing with design challenges to finishing work and accounting they get it right. Nate, Brian, Cassie, Patty, Jason and your crews, Thank You. You chose incredible subcontractors who were responsive and easy to work with. Well done! We love our new home!

Bill & Michelle